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Bolstering your Immune System
in a
Time of COVID-19

Tuesday,  December 7,  2021
1:00 - 1:30 P.M. 
69 State Street, 13th Floor Lounge
Albany, NY

The pandemic of the past year and a half has had profound effects on all of us: changes in eating habits, insomnia, differences in exercise routines, and increased stress and isolation.  All of these effect our body’s immune system and most of us are trying to be as healthy and strong as we can be to deal with a COVID 19 infection if it comes to that.


Dr. Deborah Fahrbach, DACM, LAc will discuss ways to strengthen the immune system as we are going into the fall and winter months— both what the current research recommends and also what she has clinically seen help her patients stay strong and healthy.


In this workshop, you will learn how we can be best prepared to protect our health and remain safe as winter approaches:

  • what dietary changes help optimize your overall health

  • supplement suggestions clinically proven to boost the immune system

  • self care practices to engage body, mind, and spirit

  • what to do if you develop COVID-19 symptoms

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