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Smoking Cessation Program

Our six-week smoking cessation program supports patients in 4 ways.

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Chinese Medicinal Herbs
Behavioral Modification
Guided Imagery
How the Program Works...

This program helps first in kicking the nicotine addiction with acupuncture and other treatment modalities. We support the body and mind with a variety of Chinese medicine therapies that specifically help with healing the smoker's body. Then, we include behavior modification exercises to aid with understanding and changing the actual smoking routine or habit.

The acupuncture treatments help with the physical symptoms of nicotine addiction withdrawal but also aid in the reduction of stress, insomnia, anxiety, and increased hunger that may accompany the patient’s smoking cessation journey.   Guided imagery and acupuncture work especially well together to change negative thought patterns. This program also includes a skills training component in cognitive and behavioral techniques designed to help the patient cope not only with the cravings to smoke but also with negative mood states frequently associated with quitting and known to promote relapse to smoking.

Ears seeds, which the practitioner applies weekly, help patients to get a similar but milder therapeutic effect as acupuncture in order to help patients to help themselves reduce cravings, alleviate anxiety, and improve sleep between office treatments.

Treatment may include any combination of the following therapies: acupuncture, electro-stimulation acupuncture; guided meditation, guided imagery, and/or visualizations; ear seeds, Chinese medicinal herbs, cupping, gua sha, tui na (Asian body work), moxibustion, or essential oils.

It all starts with an initial exam to gauge whether acupuncture and Chinese medicine will be helpful to an individual patient.


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