Preparing Patients to Deal with COVID-19

Our first goal is to help our patients get to a place where they can weather having a  novel corona virus infection with as few health issues as possible. We work with patients to get them to a healthier place  by assisting and supporting them as they make needed lifestyle changes: improving diet, getting better sleep, lowering stress and alleviating the effects of stress, incorporating more movement into their schedule, and addressing chronic health issues.  Most importantly we empower them to improve their health by their own actions.   Additionally in support of our patients, we use acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, and other therapies to speed up the process of bringing patients  back to better health along with the necessary lifestyle changes they are implementing.

Treating the Coronavirus with Chinese Herbs

With Chinese herbs we help our patients' bodies deal with the effects of the virus  if they become infected as we similarly do when our patients contract other viruses.  The virus manifests in different ways in different patients and Chinese medicine is uniquely equipped to create treatment plans that address how it effects each individual.


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